Hopelessly Haiku

February 2017 was full of emotional ups and downs for me. Good thing my friend, Miss Flo, has introduced me to Haiku. If you are not familiar with Haiku, let me give you the basics. Haiku is a form of traditional Japanese poetry. It has three lines, the first line having five moras or syllables, the second line with seven moras or syllables, and the third line with five again. Haiku poetry is supposed to be full of metaphors and personification, it is supposed to be objective, not subjective. I wrote poems before, but they were all rhyming. That was just my personal style. Haiku is not supposed to rhyme, so I didn’t like it at first. Traditional Haiku poems also usually involve seasonal or nature references. I was never that kind of person before. I have never enjoyed nature that much when I was younger, but as years go by, I have learned to appreciate a snowflake, a cloud, or a wilted flower alone on the grass. Most of my earlier poems revolved around people, and feelings, so it was really hard for me to make a Haiku poem that talks about nature but still would represent me and my feelings. By the way, as Haiku poems are supposed to be simple and brief, so they usually do not have titles. Titles would take away from what the Haiku wants to say. So here’s my first try at Haiku.


Jane Northey Haiku

If you would like to read more Haiku poems, I suggest checking out my friend, Miss Flo’s website Haiku-Po! Her Haiku poems are titled, and one of my favorites is “Scorched…” Do you like Haiku? I would like to hear from you. Feel free to write a comment below.



  • Miss Flo

    Great first try, Jane! Much thanks, too!

    • Jane Northey

      Why, thank you Miss Flo, and welcome!!!