Guess Rolita Ankle Booties

Guess Rolita Booties and Skechers Mecca Sawmill Boots

Yesterday, I went shopping for shoes because I really needed a new pair for going out and about.

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My old pair was tattered and beat up, and I wanted something a bit feminine. I wanted something with heels and pointed toes. I got a really great deal because I got these boots for an additional 40% off clearance price! It’s the Guess Rolita Ankle Booties in Dark Gray Suede. It is authentic leather. It is also available in black suede, tan suede, olive suede, and black leather. The dark gray suede was a great choice because it is dark enough to be neutral but still stands out from the usual black.

It has a side zip closure, pointed toe, and 3” black stacked heel. The lining and outsole are both man-made. Footbed is cushioned. I really appreciated that the Guess Rolita Ankle Booties have 3″ heels for extra height boost, and pointed toes that look classy and feminine, exactly what I was looking for. At the same time the heels are stacked offering stability so I don’t easily trip or stumble, I can run and chase my toddler if need be. Although, I can and have ran on narrower heels. Over all, the Guess Rolita Ankle Booties look well made and seem fit true to size.

I also got these nice little ankle boots for my toddler. The Skechers Mecca Sawmill boots.

Skechers Mecca

Uppers are made of soft faux nubuck in Wheat color, with two straps in the front. There are evenly spaced stitching accents that look really neat. They were already subjected to some serious beatings when my child decided he was gonna have a great time at the playground, kneeling, and playing with pebbles and mulch. We also took a walk around a duck pond, where some areas were muddy. When we got home, the boots were caked with mud and a bit scuffed up. I used a wet washcloth to wipe the muddy areas and the boots got clean again. The scuffs were not that bad. I will probably try Tarrago Suede Spray Renovator and see if it will do the trick covering the scuffs.

I like that the Skechers Mecca Sawmill boots have straps instead of the laces that I was originally considering to buy, because my boy already has shoes with laces, and I kept retying them. The toe front of the boots are rounded so these are good for kids with wide feet. The heels of the boots are a comfy 1/2” high. When my toddler first tried them, he instantly liked the cushioned insole saying they were “cushy”. It says on the box it has gel-infused memory foam.

On my way out of the mall, a department store staff gave me some perfume samples, including a deluxe one!

Perfume Samples Chloe Burberry

They were Chloe Love Story, Burberry Body Tender, and Burberry Mr. I really liked the scent of Chloe Love Story. It includes orange blossoms and jasmine in its ingredients. The Burberry Body Tender came in a very nice 4.5 mL bottle. It is very fragrant in a clean, sophisticated way. It certainly doesn’t smell as sweet as the Chloe one. Burberry Mr for Men smells fine. It smells similar to something I have smelled before, but I can’t quite remember what fragrance it was. Chloe Love Story is definitely my favorite although I probably would wear the Burberry Body Tender for my next job interview, considering it smells so pleasant and clean, and it would be nice for a change, considering I always wear a “sweet” scent. Considering how many fragrance samples I got lately, it will probably take me a while to buy a new perfume!

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