Lowe’s Build and Grow Kids Clinic: Christmas Ornaments

I am so excited to bring R to Lowe’s Next Build and Grow Kids Clinic. It will be held on December 3, Saturday starting at 10 AM at our local Lowe’s, and the project will be Christmas ornaments. Registration starts on November 21, 2016. There are limited slots available, depending on your location, so register your kids as early as you can on November 21. Some locations get fully booked within hours of opening for registration! For more information, check out their website here. Again, these kids clinics from Lowe’s are completely free, everything needed will be provided. For first timers, an apron and a pair of safety goggles will be provided with the kit. At the end of the event, a certificate of merit will be given. For more details, read my blog regarding R’s first Lowe’s Build and Grow Kids Clinic here.

As with my previous posts, there will be a follow up post regarding this event. Speaking of this event, I found better safety glasses for R so that next time he is in a workshop, he can use it instead of the goggles that I feel the edges were just a little too sharp. These safety glasses that I found for him fit him just right, too. They are made for adults, but they have a secure, tight fit so kids can actually wear them. For a similar product, check here.

Other than this free clinic from Lowe’s, I am planning to make some Christmas ornaments that R can help me with, or rather that R can do with some assistance from me. They would be made from simple materials that are readily available in our homes or in our backyards. There is an abundance of pine cones in our neighborhood, so pine cones would probably play a major role here, depending also on the condition of the pine cones we find, since it has been raining here these past few weeks. I would love to have a Christmas wreath that is home made! I have not set up our Christmas tree yet in my own house because, first, it is tall and wide that I would have to make some space for it, and second, there is still Thanksgiving, so no Christmas trees for now, but I would gladly decorate our front door with the Christmas wreath as soon as R and I finish making it.

I know also that it might be more expensive considering the cost of quality polymer clay, acrylic paints, glitter, hooks and strings, but I would like to make my own cartoon character Christmas ornaments. One of my favorite hobbies since I was a kid is to draw, and I have drawn some characters that I would like to transform into clay figure Christmas ornaments. I have been drawing and painting more recently. My drawing skills had diminished from lack of practice these past few years, but since I have been doing some crafts with R lately, my abilities are slowly coming back. Drawing and painting are a great way to pass the time, excellent means to bond with my child, and also an amazing stress reliever. More about my drawings and paintings on future posts.

Would you be attending this event? Have you put up your Christmas tree? I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below.